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Welcome to The Shire Multi-Academy Trust Website

The Shire Multi-Academy Trust was incorporated in February 2015 and our first Academy opened in April 2015. The Trust was formed as a result of our highly effective and substantive track record in school improvement and considerable experience in supporting other schools in their journey to success. This was coupled with a deeply rooted belief system shared by all the members of the Trust, Directors, local governors and staff that all children deserve outstanding educational opportunities and the guidance and support to become successful and aspirational adults. This became our mantra, and is linked closely to our desire to provide a local solution for our children and their communities.

Our vision - to be inclusive, collaborative, inspirational, aspirational, accountable and responsible has grown and developed from our core values and belief in what makes a successful school and a successful Trust, one where everyone can ‘Learn to fly high’.

It is a real privilege to be able to work with children, parents and local communities and staff who at every role in the Trust School’s believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing and the difference we never waver from aspiring to make. The Trust Board welcomes enquiries from other schools who are considering joining a Multi Academy Trust and we would be delighted to explore opportunities for potential future partnerships with you.

Nick Adams

Chair of the Trust Board

Mrs L Cook
Head of School - Sandhill

Mrs G Fletcher
Head of School - Laithes
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